Orthopedic stem cell replacement therapy is changing the way degenerative joint conditions are treated.

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Harvesting of Adult Adipose Stem Cells

We’ll use a local anesthetic and a simple liposuction treatment at our sterile facility to extract roughly 50cc of fat from your body that will yield 15-40 million stem cells. The process lasts about 20 minutes and does not require a general anesthetic.  After the extraction you’ll be released to a waiting room while we prepare your stem cells.

Preparing the Stem Cells

Next, we will isolate the stem cells from the fat cells and get an accurate count. This part of the process takes an hour or so.


Deployment of Stem Cells

The deployment technique will be decided by the doctor depending on the medical condition being treated. For joint-related injuries the most common deployment method is a simple injection directly into the joint itself. Occasionally another techniques may be used instead or in addition to a direct injection. All deployment techniques are considered minimally invasive.

A supplemental intravenous (IV) procedure is often used as the second line of stem cell reinforcements! We will almost always first inject the stem cells into the target area such as the knees, hips, shoulders, ankles or spine. Then, additional stem cells are introduced into the patient’s system using intravenous methods. This sends millions of these inflammation and damage-seeking stem cells into the patient’s body to stimulate healing. Some of the stem cells will spend time sequestered in the lungs and then will be released like a second wave of reinforcements into the body being attracted to inflammation where damage or degeneration has occurred.

In the right environment, these stem cells can change into bone, cartilage, muscle or neural tissue. It is your own DNA that is being introduced so there is no risk of rejection.

The whole process takes less than three hours.


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